Dolls | Statement

Often thought of as toys for children, dolls are models of not only who those children are expected to become as future parents, but also of where they came from, of who they used to be as infants. Children's selection of certain dolls is about personal identification, a blank canvas onto which they can project their desires, and caring for the dolls becomes a process of understanding themselves-- how is this doll like me or unlike me? Who am I and who will I become? 

This is how I approach the selection and alteration of vintage and antique dolls. Through the use of paint, clay, thread, and hair, I remake the dolls in my image, distilling my likeness down to the secondary sex characteristics of a balding head and sideburns, leaving the bodies of the dolls naked and ambiguously gendered. The process of transformation is a meditation on my body as it once was and will be, my gender and sexuality, how I relate to myself as I age and gain weight, and how I make sense of my mortality. The dolls serve as external references points for my own understanding of how my body fits in, how similar or dissimilar it is to those around me, as well as that which makes me recognizable as myself.